Writing samples

I’m a medical writer and editor with 15 years’ experience specializing in medical communications for physician and patient expert audiences.

Here are some of my writing samples:

Email newsletters

Weekly diabetes newsletters, monthly migraine newsletters, HealthCentral.com

ASTROgram, American Society for Radiation Oncology

Meeting Reporter, American Society of Refractive & Cataract Surgery

Types of work for clients that was proprietary
  • Needs Assessments
  • Executive Summaries
  • Q&As
  • Journal manuscripts
Web articles

Why Teeth Matter: Book Explores History of Dentistry, Fear of Dentists, and More

All About Gastric (Stomach) Cancer: The Basics

National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Brings Ovarian Cancer Into Spotlight

Feature stories

Doctor. Resistance fighter. Spy.

Physician musician pursues music, medicine

Twelve corneas in a box

Clinical stories

Military input in ophthalmology

Toric IOL indications

Experts differ on corneal astigmatism correction in cataract surgery

Press releases

Clinical: Study findings on bladder cancer surgery (picked up by MedPage Today, Medscape, DOTmed)

Feature: Cancer survivor selected for society award

Annual conference release: Leading surgeon named society’s Honorary Member

Oncology society news magazine stories

Graphic designer special tribute

How to use new flipbook design

Website redesign story (no byline)

One topic: all about glaucoma

Burden of care high in glaucoma, from 2014

Glaucoma fellowships gaining interest, from 2013

New glaucoma devices, from 2006

Ophthalmic Outreach column

Programs tackle high rates of blindness among women

Volunteer work in eye care in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

Outreach in Zambia