What can I do for you?



Help you communicate with a physician audience. And a patient expert audience, too. Tell a story. And tell it in a way to help you win that grant, that audience engagement, that advertiser, that member you want to join your nonprofit, or that patient you want to choose your clinic or hospital.

Why I can do it

I’m a medical writer and editor with 15 years’ experience specializing in medical communications for physician and patient expert audiences. 

What I’ve done for others

E-newsletters: Increased newsletter open rates by more than 25% with carefully curated content for health website
Writing: Published hundreds of accurate articles with rare corrections
Editing: Copy and line edited hundreds of articles, documents, blog posts, e-newsletters, and other documents, meeting consistent deadlines
Project management: Turned a print physician news magazine to all-digital, saving a nonprofit medical society more than $40,000 annually
Press programs: Organized a radio program with outside vendor, resulting in radio pitches reaching up to 14.9 million listeners at an annual medical conference

Where I’ve been recognized

• President of the American Medical Writers Association Mid-Atlantic Chapter (2017-2018)
• Spoken and presented at multiple conferences and webinars online
• Won three APEX awards and the Sam Donaldson Scholarship

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How that helps you

As a reporter, I write on mad crazy deadlines. As a copy editor, I self-edit and submit clean copy. As a managing editor, I organize and project manage like a boss. And in all this, I’m dependable and easy to work with. So you’ll receive well-written content within budget and with minimal fuss.

My therapeutic areas include:
• Ophthalmology
• Oncology
• Obstetrics and gynecology
• Psychology
• Plastic surgery
• Neurology
• Endocrinology
• Autoimmune diseases
• Complementary and alternative medicine

I can write and edit:
• Trade publication articles
• E-newsletters
• Press releases
• Executive Summaries
• Needs Assessments
• Medical conference coverage
• Slide decks
• White papers
• Journal articles
• Web articles
• Blog posts
• Social media
• Brochures
• Q&A’s
• More (just ask)

Contact me: [email protected]

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