Creative thinker | methodical and precise | dedicated and thoughtful

“Erin has the perfect balance of creative thinking and organizational prowess that is often uncommon in a writer. She is methodical and precise in her approach to a subject, but uncovers many narrative gems along the way that could be missed by a less experienced writer. Erin is a quick learner, smart, thoughtful, and inquisitive.”

— Carey Cowles, (former) managing editor at Elsevier

“Erin’s skills as a writer allowed her to thrive as senior staff writer at EyeWorld (the official news magazine of the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery), whether she was working on a story for an issue or covering content onsite at a meeting. She balanced both domestic and international travel covering medical conferences and writing numerous pieces for the monthly issues.”

–Ellen Stodola, EyeWorld senior staff writer/digital editor


“Erin L. Boyle has a gift that most writers treasure in an editor, or would treasure should they would be fortunate enough to experience it. She blends the skill to help a writer’s work sing on key while never crossing the line that disrespects a writer’s style and integrity. Sensitivity and respect shine through each suggestion that she makes. I feel honored, and somehow comforted, when I know that Erin is editing my work.”

Carol Bradley Bursack, elder care author, blogger, columnist, and mentor

“Working with Erin has been a pleasure. She edits with a light touch, helping me make my writing the best that it can be. She never imposes her voice on mine. Instead she asks clarifying questions and suggests possible solutions to make sentences and concepts more comprehensible.”

Phyllis Johnson,  breast cancer survivor, writer, patient advocate

“Aside from being a talented writer, Erin is a dedicated, thoughtful, and inspirational editor. What makes Erin stand out as an editor is her dedication to quality journalism and her creative vision – she knows exactly what direction projects should go in the future and how to get there.”

Lauren Lipuma, science writer, public information specialist/writer at the American Geophysical Union

“Erin is the best editor I’ve worked with since a newspaper published my first article in 1949. She not only catches all of my typos and other mistakes, but also improves the organization of what I write when it is necessary. Her edits always help to clarify what I was trying to say. And yet she edits with a light hand, never going farther than necessary. She treats me with respect.”

David Mendosa, (former) diabetes patient expert, journalist, book author